The spirit and courage of the immigrant’s plight has continually illuminated my career path.

I knew before ever setting foot in law school, that I wanted to practice immigration law. I was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia. Like many foreign-born parents, my parents sacrificed much to prepare my siblings and me for an education that would promise a future in America. I graduated from college and law school in the United States. Because I benefitted so personally from the promises of immigration, I attended law school with the intention of becoming an immigration lawyer. One of my chief motivators is the awareness that while each of my family members pursued a different immigration path to this country, some found their journey easier than others. Those who immigrated with relative ease had qualified help before venturing onto foreign soil. Sharing those experiences, coupled with my own history, compelled my interests in providing the highest level of care to the greatest number of people leaving their homeland and venturing courageously into the unknown.

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