H-1B Visas: Myths We Need to Debunk

H-1B is a popular visa type yet it’s always surrounded by myths and controversies. In fact, a lot of people are not aware of the benefits of the program and how it helps the economy as the H-1B visa program is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons. There’s a dire need to […]

Exclusive: Trump targets illegal immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama

(Reuters) – In September 2014, Gilberto Velasquez, a 38-year-old house painter from El Salvador, received life-changing news: The U.S. government had decided to shelve its deportation action against him. The move was part of a policy change initiated by then-President Barack Obama in 2011 to pull back from deporting immigrants who had formed deep ties […]

Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown encapsulated in poignant images of father being deported

‘How is this making us any safer? How is this making America a better place?’ asks father-of-four Jesus Lara Lopez’s lawyer as he is forced out of America A man said goodbye to his wife and four children as he was deported from the US to Mexico after 16 years. Campaigners, lawyers and politicians arrived at […]

20 Attorneys General Write To Trump, Urging Him To Keep DACA

Citing concern for the nearly 800,000 young immigrants who’ve been granted protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra and 19 of his colleagues are asking President Trump to keep the program running. In a letter to the president, Becerra and the other attorneys general are urging Trump to refuse […]

House to vote on immigration bills next week

House Republicans are preparing to take up a pair of bills next week that crack down on illegal immigration, according to leadership sources, in a bid to carry out President Donald Trump’s promise of tougher enforcement. One of the bills to see a floor vote, dubbed Kate’s Law, boosts penalties for immigrants who try to […]

Tensions rising in Silicon Valley over Trump’s immigration crackdown

Immigrants founded 51% of the current crop of billion-dollar U.S. start-ups, revealed a recent, nonpartisan study from the National Foundation for American Policy. A start-up visa could create 1 million to 3.2 million new jobs over 10 years, according to the study. Silicon Valley faces increasingly tough competition from cities in India, China and France, […]