Exciting Announcement! Our New Video Podcast (Immigration Insights) is now LIVE!

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We are excited to announce that we have launched a brand new video podcast series called Immigration Insights with Abeer Amin.  Abeer has had a passion for immigration law since her childhood that stems from her experiences as an immigrant herself.  Abeer was born in Pakistan, raised in Saudi Arabia, and witnessed first-hand the sacrifices made by her parents to prepare an education pathway that would promise a future in America.  Abeer was able to attend college and law school in the United States and has used this tremendous opportunity to fuel her desire to become an immigration attorney to help others enjoy the same opportunities made available to her.  

Whether working on behalf of a large company or a single individual, Abeer is always aware of the importance of creating ease in an otherwise anxious process, one she has occupied equally on both sides, as an immigrant and an attorney. The American dream starts with eliminating barriers to legal entry. Abeer’s commitment to her clients is to treat their immigration needs with the same care, diligence and respect that she would demand for herself or her family.

It’s with this spirit of service and assistance that Abeer is launching this video podcast.  Our intention is to post new episodes as frequently as time permits given the limitation of an extremely busy schedule.  We will often spend several episodes focusing on specific topics of interest and attempting to address the most common questions surrounding that particular topic.  Our goal is to produce a show that is informative and helpful to our audience, so please feel free to submit comments and questions through whichever forum you are most comfortable.

The video podcast will be hosted on our YouTube Channel.  For those more interested in the audio version of our podcast, you can find it on all of the platforms listed below.  The first episode was posted earlier this week.


Video Podcast:  https://www.youtube.com/@abeeraminlaw   


Audio Podcast:


PLEASE NOTE:  This video podcast is not intended as specific legal advice and should not be taken as legal advice for any particular situation as every situation is unique and requires dedicated legal counsel to properly address.  However, the information in this podcast will provide knowledge and insights that will benefit all who have an interest in learning more about immigration law.

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